2022 Implanteus International Excellence Scholarship Award in France – Fully Funded


Closing Dates:  29th April 2022

Great offer! The 2022 Implanteus International Excellence Scholarship Award in France is now available to all students who wants to commence Undergraduate study at the University.

The award of an international excellence scholarship commits the student to becoming an “ambassador” of the Implanteus Graduate School for the duration of the scholarship.

The Impanteus Graduate School, a proposal coordinated by Avignon University and the regional INRAE research center, has been designed to address the challenge of adapting Mediterranean agricultural systems for fruit and vegetable production to the constraints of global change, all while fostering high nutritional quality.

2022 Implanteus International Excellence Scholarship Award in France Requiring Documents:

The application file is available on the website of the Implanteus Graduate School. It includes an information
form to be completed, as well as the following documents:

  1. a cover letter justifying:
    • the choice of this master’s program as part of the candidate’s professional project
    • the importance of the merit scholarship for following the master’s program.
  2. a letter of recommendation (any file without a letter of recommendation will not be eligible).
  3. a description of the rating system of the country of origin (transcripts will have already been sent
    when applying for the Master).
    To be admissible, application files must be sent to the Implanteus Graduate School before April 29, 2022 at the following address: implanteus@univ-avignon.fr. Any application received after the deadline will be ineligible.

Nationality: Application is open to all Applicants across the globe.

Degree type: Master.

Location: France

Study Award:

The selected students will be awarded EUROS 6,000 to pursue their master’s study at the University School of Research. The award is conditionally renewable.

The awardee will thus agree to sit on the Academic Council and be a point of reference for the organization of the Summer School.
For students who receive an excellence scholarship for the M1 year, the renewal of the scholarship for the M2 year will be conditional on their M1 results.

Application Process:

To apply for the scholarship, students must fill out the scholarship application form and send it to implanteus@univ-avignon.fr along with the supporting documents below.

Entry Requirements:

  • The applicants must have relevant bachelor’s degree qualifications.
  • Language Requirement: They must comply with the language requirements of the university and have skills and proficiency in English as the programme is taught in the same language.


The maximum total value of the Scholarship is $60,000 to each Recipient.
• At the discretion of the Donor if any additional scholarships are awarded, the maximum total value of
the scholarship will be determined at the time of award. This would usually be paid as an once-off
payment directly following the award of the scholarship.