2022 Karatay University International Scholarship Award in Turkey


Closing Dates: 19 August 2022

Hurry Application calls for the Karatay University International Scholarship Award in Turkey. The Karatay University is offering 491 scholarship awards to all applicants from across the world.

The scholarship seeks to support applicants who wish to commence study at the University but lack financial capacity to pursue their career goal.

Application Criteria

  1. Provided that they fulfill the following conditions, those who are in the last year of formal education high schools or graduated from high schools providing formal education,
  2. Foreign nationals,
  3. Those who are Turkish citizens by birth but lose their Turkish citizenship by obtaining permission to renounce Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Interior,
  4. Those who certify that they have a blue card, which is given to those who have lost their Turkish citizenship upon their request

Check here for more details on admission requirements as it varies

How To Apply

All international student candidates can apply to KTO Karatay University using the online application form. You do not need to bring or send your documents to campus in the first application. You are expected to submit the originals of the documents you submitted during the first application at the time of final registration. You can fill the application form here. 

Supporting Documents for Karatay University International Scholarship ;

  1. The original of the high school diploma, certified by the notary public or the relevant authorities (in English or Turkish)
  2. The original of the result of the university entrance exam in your country, if any  
  3. Equivalency certificate for your high school diploma (you can get it from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey or from the Turkish authorities in your country)
  4. Criminal record. (A copy certified by notary public or relevant authorities (in English or Turkish)
  5. Official transcript, certified by your high school, showing your high school courses and grades. Notary certified copy of the documents (in English or Turkish).
  6. Color copy of the page in your passport with your photo and identity information. (After completing the registration process, your acceptance letter will be sent to you and the nearest Turkish Consulate and/or Embassy by email.)
  7. 2 biometric photos.
  8. A document showing that the students who will study in the Pilotage Department have passed the health test required by DGCA. 
  9. A receipt showing that the tuition fee has been paid.

Host Institution

KTO Kararay University

Number of Award


Available Courses

Architecture & Design, Business/Management, Communications, Computer & Information Systems, Engineering, ESL & English Language, Health Professions, Law & Legal Studies, Psychology, Aviation, Transportation/Logistics, Nursing, Finance, Economics, History, Languages/Linguistics, Liberal Arts/Humanities, Applied Science, Digital Arts & Design, Computer Animation, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Medicine and Sociology

Application Perks:

KTO Karatay University offers Tuition Waiver scholarships to 491 international students who take the online scholarship exam. 81 students will get 100% scholarships and 410 students will get 50% scholarships. Scholarships cover tuition fees only.

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