Snowdon Trust Masters Scholarship for Students with Physical disabilities, UK 2021


If you are living with an impairment and have a proven drive for success, we encourage you to apply for the Snowdon Trust Masters Scholarship for Students with Physical disabilities to help achieve your career goal.

All Snowdon Masters Scholars are encouraged to become part of our Disabled Leaders Network. A space for collaboration, engagement and debate, the Disabled Leaders Network will provide a platform for you to build relationships with other exceptional disabled leaders, creating a hub of information, knowledge and support.

The scholarship is aimed at;

  • Supporting brilliant students with the ability to create change and influence others
  • Provide funding for students with excellence in a field of study, within and beyond academia
  • Accelerate disabled students to become leaders and role-models
  • Provide opportunity for individuals with the drive and determination to succeed

About the Organization?

The First Earl of Snowdon (1930–2017) had contracted polio as a child. Understanding the issues faced by disabled people, he went on to campaign strongly against discrimination towards them. Education was one of seven areas explored in the report. Too many bright, capable but disabled individuals were being denied the opportunity to go on to post-school education.

Our Grants help cover additional costs that students incur as a result of their disability and where available statutory funding does not cover them. Costs include vital support such as sign language interpreters, people to take notes, computers, specialist software, wheelchairs or special accommodation and equipment.

Scholarship Type: Masters

Scholarship Value

Snowdon Trust will offer Up to a maximum of £30,000 of funding per successful student – with up to £15,000 available towards MSc fees and a £15,000 p.a. allowance while studying

  • Fee funding of up to £15,000 p.a. for a one or two-year UK Masters course, plus
  • Most (but not all) of our scholarships also include a further generous allowance towards your costs whilst studying.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: Applications will close at midday on Tuesday 6 April 2021

Preferred Applicants

Successful candidates will demonstrate that they have some or all of the following attributes:

  • Exceptional leaders, with the ability to create change within and beyond their academic field
  • Individuals that have shown excellence within their chosen subjects
  • Those that have demonstrated leadership potential with a proven drive for success
  • Ability to create change and drive disability issues
  • Proven achievements in academia, employment or voluntary activities

The scholarship is open to national and international disabled students with the ability to create change, including excellence within a chosen field of study, or the ability to demonstrate leadership through the workplace or extracurricular activities