Standard Chartered Bank International Internships 2021-2022


Application Deadline: Ongoing

Are you a fresh graduate seeking for a position and an opportunity to grow your career in the finance and banking sector? Here is a mind-blowing opportunity for you to develop your career by applying for the Standard Chartered International Graduate Programme.

Standard Chartered Bank is one of those institutions that offer graduate positions in the banking sector. The Organization uses this as a way of attracting interested and most sought graduates to cultivate their talents and goals through collaborative, immersive worldwide experiences are done in a year.

About the Internship?

The standard chartered international graduate programme takes 12 months duration. During this time, it is dived into various sections namely:

  • Two weeks of annual leave
  • Five weeks induction period
  • Ten months of compulsory rotations

Permanent roles are later deployed beginning June.

The international graduate programme offers various streams. Applicants are allowed to choose one of the streams while applying. These streams are:

  • Commercial banking
  • Financial markets
  • Retail banking
  • Corporate finance and institutions banking clients
  • Wealth management
  • Transaction banking

Application Type: Internship


Benefits for this offer Includes:

  1. Deployment to permanent jobs after completion of the programme.
  2. The programme does not limit on specific regions
  3. The graduates get to learn about their steams of interests

How To Apply:

To apply for this offer, Applicants are required to observe the following;

  • Read and complete the application form provided on the official website.
  • Taking personality tests. This programme requires applicants to undertake an online strength assessment test that helps the standard chartered bank as well as you know whether you fit the role well. There are no wrong or right answers in this section. You are required to be truthful and be yourself.
  • Taking aptitude tests. The applicants are required to take abstract reasoning and numerical tests. These tests help in matching your ability with the correct roles. The tests can be challenging as you progress depending on your answers and should take around 12-15 minutes.
  • Video interviews. The applicants and the search committee meeting for the first time through video interviews are done online. Here, the applicant’s application and strengths are discussed.
  • Face to face interviews. These interviews are conducted by the local standard cheated graduate team. It is the first time the team meets with the applicants in person and is conducted in their local offices.
  • Business interview. It is a face to face business interview after completion of the final stage.  The applicant’s interview with the people in the streams they are expected to be working

The official website of the Standard Chartered internship program provides full insights on how and from where you can actually apply for this program. There is no deadline for this one because it is an ongoing opportunity given by Standard Chartered bank.

Qualifications for Standard Chartered Bank International Internships 2021-2022:

  • The applicants must possess an undergraduate degree
  • The applicants must be eligible to take permanent work roles in the country they are applying
  • Applicants applying for UAE roles should be from the Northern African countries or the Middle East.
  • There are no specified eligible nations or regions when it comes to IG programme.