Tims Camp Intern Opportunity in Canada for 2021


Application Ends: May 30th, 2021 

Tims Camp Intern Opportunity in Canada for 2021 is open to applicants who strive to make an everlasting impact. Solink is passionate about providing an opportunity for all our employees to get creative, make a difference, and innovate.

Here at Solink we want to be part of your journey of discovering what your success might be. We’ve created a new Solink Summer Internship program exclusively for Tim Horton’s Camp Alumni. We want to hear about your career aspirations and the type of opportunity you seek. Solink can provide you with experience and exposure to a fast-paced, modern technology environment with many learning and networking opportunities. 

Job Type: Internship

Schedule: 8-hour shifts, 5 days per week, according to operational business hours of Solink.

Compensation: $36,000 per year pro-rated for the duration of your contract

  • Please note: While we are operating remotely during the pandemic, this position will remain as a remote position.

If you are a camp alumni, then you likely already possess key qualities and skills that we search for in Solinkians! We are searching for candidates who:

  • Possess a Positive Identity
  • Carryout Positive Behaviours
  • Maintain and create rewarding, healthy and Positive Connections
  • Hold strong Organizational Skills
  • Possess strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Excel in Cognitive Skills – Creativity, innovation, analytical thinking, and intellectual curiosity

Available Positions:

  1. Marketing Intern
  2. Quality Assurance Intern
  3. Quality Assurance Intern
  4. Operations Intern
  5. Customer Support Intern
  6. Customer Enablement Intern
  7. Sales Operations Intern


Please send us your video application or creative cover letter and resume to [email protected] and complete the form provided here.

For More Information on requirements for the various positions available at the Firm, visit here