Tips on how you can Start Reading More Books


Tips on how you can Start Reading More Books.

Let’s just dive right into it. Here are some tips on how to pick up or rekindle that reading habit of yours, no pun intended.

Reading-friendly Environment

Most want to read a lot, they feel the need to do so but they eventually don’t because of many different reasons. Let me paint you a picture, maybe you can get from it what your own reason might be. I stay in an apartment with a living room, a bedroom and other house amenities. In my living room, I have just a couch and a couple of stools. My bookshelf is in the living room because there isn’t space for it in my bedroom. And that is because my 55” TV has taken up the space it should be in.

Yes, my TV is in my room, that’s because I fancy falling asleep to football highlights and motion pictures. Also, I am mostly alone and the few visitors I get are all close friends that I am comfortable with being in my room when we want to watch programs on TV. I also have a wall socket next to my bed where I should plug my reading lamp but I preferred charging my phone with the socket while using it. Meaning I am getting uninterrupted power on my phone when I lay down.

With all this, I find out that reading a book would obviously be difficult. As though the TV isn’t a big enough distraction, I also have a wall socket that keeps my phone charged while I use it right next to my bed. My bookshelf is also far away in the living room and sometimes when I feel like reading, I am reluctant to leave the room to go get a book. I don’t know which is more discouraging, that, or the fact that if I manage to get a book, I have to get up from my bed to switch off my reading light when I start to feel sleepy while reading because I would rather charge in the socket next to me.

Eventually, I moved my TV to the living room, moved the bookshelf into my bedroom. I also tasked myself to charge my phone farther away from the bed and relocated my lamp next to me where it is easily accessible.

Always Carry a Book

There are many usable minutes hidden between our appointments every day. It might be the few minutes you would spend at a reception waiting to be called in. It might be the minutes you have to wait for your date at a restaurant. When you find these minutes, pull out your book and continue from where you stopped. It is even easier now if you own a Kindle. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you could always read eBooks on your smartphones. And our phones are almost always with us.

Stop Reading a Book you are not Enjoying

Most times, you find yourself reading a book but instead of enjoying it, it starts to feel like you are laboring along just to finish it. No, it is not necessary to finish it. It is boring to you. It is almost like forcing yourself to watch a boring program, you don’t right? You just change the channel. Exactly, when it comes to a boring book too, just drop it and pick a new one.

Talk to Others about Books

The way you discuss movies, TV shows and so on with your friends and eventually get all hyped up on it is not really different with books. The more you talk about books, the more you feel excited to read more and more. And of course, as with talking about movies, you also get more book recommendations. And you get the book, read it and have your mind blown. So, try to strike up conversations about books more often and you will find you are always excited to read more and more.