2022 Approved Obama Foundation Study Award at Chicago University USA


Key Dates

1. Priority Deadline for applications–November 1, 2021

2. Secondary Deadline for applications–January 1, 2022

3. Notifications of admission and scholarship decisions to be released–March 2022

4. Deadline for candidates to accept their admission–Spring 2022

5. Arrive in Chicago for the Obama Foundation Scholars Program Orientation–August 2022

6. Obama Foundation Leadership Week (for scholarship recipients)–Late Summer 2022

Hurrah! The Obama foundation, in partnership with the University of Chicago Harris School, is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students into their Obama Foundation Study award for students. It is a fully funded scholarship for all students

Over the course of an academic year at Chicago University, Obama Foundation Scholars deepen their knowledge and skills and build new capacities and networks to speed up their impact in their home countries. Upon completion of the program, Obama Foundation Scholars, empowered by their experience, return to the regions where they have been working and continue along a path of service.

This scholars program will give Upcoming junior leaders around the world who are already making a difference in their communities the chance to take their work to the next level through a newly designed curriculum that brings together academic, skills-based, and hands-on learning. The Scholars Program empowers individuals with a proven commitment to service with the tools they need to make their efforts more effective, identify innovative solutions to complex global problems, and promote change through values-based leadership.

Application Perks:

1. Obama Foundation Scholars at the University of Chicago will earn a Master of Arts degree focused on International Development and Policy at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

2. Besides classroom studies, the Obama Foundation will offer a robust program of leadership development and service activities throughout the academic year to help Scholars gain the real-world skills, tools, and experiences to expand the impact of their work when they return home.

3. These may include leadership development convening; program experiences in New York and Washington, DC; speaker series with innovators across a variety of sectors; individual and group service projects; mentorship through the Obama Foundation network; potential internship placements; and action plan development for post-program activities.

4. Some of these Foundation activities will include experiences throughout Chicago and the South Side. By engaging with the local community, students will complement what they learn in the classroom and also bring their unique perspectives to Chicago.

Eligibility FOR 2022 Approved Obama Foundation Study Award at Chicago University USA

We’re seeking emerging leaders from around the world who meet the following criteria:

1. Significant work experience (typically 3-5 years or more) and professional accomplishments with a clear trajectory of increasing impact.


 Demonstrated record of community service or working for the public good, either through a full-time professional role or significant engagement outside of primary employment.

3. Possess a clear focus on a global challenge or policy issue.

4. A clear commitment to return to and reinvest your new skills in your community after the program concludes.

Method of Application:

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Location: USA