Step up Your Career Game in this Pandemic


Step up Your Career Game in this Pandemic.

What would have seemed next to impossible in past years happened this year. There is a global pandemic that has the whole wide world on lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic which emerged towards the end of 2019 made its fully fledged force felt by the world a couple of months into 2020 and up till now still has the world on her knees before it. It is a very intense disease which has proved even deadly to its victims that had prior underlying health conditions.

However, this is the direct effect it has on those that contact the disease. What about those that have managed to stay safe, does that mean they are not victims as well? No, they also are victims of the global pandemic. Sure, maybe not as life threatening as it is for those with the disease but it has successfully uprooted many people’s future, disrupted the plans they had for their lives and left them a couple of years behind whatever they had projected. Education for students is on hold. Both new intakes and returning students have been locked down at home for months now. Graduates-to-be that were expecting to take the next step into the labor market are on hold.

But in all of this, you can still convert what seems like a mess that isn’t going away any time soon into something positive, an opportunity, be you a student, a job seeker or an employee. All you need do is look at those projected plans that you have made, analyze your current situation and tweak that plan of yours to become favorable to you again. After all, it is your plan, you can always alter it effectively.

Update Your CV

The COVID-19 pandemic literally has paused the whole world for months now. This might sound negative, but looking at it from another vantage point, it has also provided you with an enormous amount of one of the scarcest resources – time. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have had a very busy schedule, probably at work which has left you with barely enough time for your own self. You have not been getting enough time to focus on yourself, have fun and the likes let alone have time to update your CV. Well, now is a perfect time for you to do that. Learn new skills with which you can upgrade your resume. This will in turn improve your chances of securing a better employment when activities eventually resume.

Register for Online Classes

Many students were set to commence their college education. Some had put in for admission, some had been admitted. But now, admissions and education generally have all been put on hold and they find themselves still waiting at home.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to stop learning or be in despair. There are many online courses you can register for. Some are relatively cheap while others are out-rightly free of charge. At the end of these courses, you get degrees and certifications to show for it and these online platforms often being in affiliation with renowned universities worldwide, the certifications are solid ones.

Stay Positive

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought misery to many. Businesses and sources of livelihood have been lost. Not to mention deaths in many families. But if you can strive to look past the misery, think rationally and choose your plans well, you will realize that it might actually as well be a blessing in disguise. The lockdown has forced many to look deep into themselves and in turn discover their potential and how to maximize it. All that matters is if we want to grab this opportunity and come out on top at the end of it all.