Tips on How to cope at that Current Job you Hate until you get the Dream One


Tips on How to cope at that Current Job you Hate until you get the Dream One.

When hunting for jobs, most times, you only consider the pay – whether or not it is good enough. You also sometimes consider the distance it is from your homes or if need be, and you want to move, whether or not the pay can sustain a good enough life in the new city. The truth is that those things matter a lot, but we seldom think of other things, especially whether or not you will be happy at the job and whether or not you might eventually find it boring.

People after a few months or even years at their jobs begin to feel unencouraged, undervalued, uninspired or even just generally bored at it. You get up unexcited every morning and the thought of spending another day at your job or workplace makes you very unhappy. You just cannot wait for the closing time so you can get to the other aspects of your life that makes you happy. Eventually the unhappiness at your job begins to grow into you outrightly hating the job and this affects even those other aspects of your life that managed to bring you joy at the start.

Well, if you are experiencing this at your current job, rest assured that you are definitely not alone in this feeling. You want to send in your resignation and happily clear your personal effects from your work area, along with that lucky mug of yours and smile on your way home knowing that when tomorrow comes, you will not have to grumble out of bed and frown into the office minutes later. However, you can’t. You cannot afford to resign at this point in time because then how would you survive, how would you pay your bills and foot your expenses. You obviously do not wish to go crawling back to your parents’ house or have them take up all of your responsibilities when it is not that you were fired, you willingly left.

You might have a side gig at the moment or come up with an idea later, but that still doesn’t make quitting an option, at least not at that point in time. You would have to wait until the gig grows bigger or you work on that idea and get rewards. Till then though, you might wonder how you would continue surviving at your current job. Well, we are here to say it is not impossible, difficult maybe, but not impossible. Once you are committed to making it happen and have the will to bring that imagination of your dream career path into life, it is not impossible. What you need alongside that will of yours is the right mindset as well as strategies to make it happen.

This article, as the title suggests, contains tips that will help you cope at that current job you have grown to hate until you get that dream job or career path you have always wanted.

Define Your Goals

You have to have well-defined goals or aims at the very onset. Whether you plan on getting a new job or you want to start up a new company of yours, set your goals straight and move towards them. Looking at it in its whole form might be overwhelming. Break them all into different parts and set them up as checkpoints. Take the objectives a day at a time and before you know it, you are at the very last checkpoint after which you can then proceed to leave that current job you hate.

Learn New Skills

You might hate your current job but that doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from the organization where you work. Most organizations conduct training for their employees. Since you are still at the job, try to benefit from this training, pick up the skills you can from it because when you eventually want to switch to another job, you never know, that added skill might come in handy.

Some of these skills might involve taking calculated financial risks depending on your job. So, while at the job, test these skills you have gotten from the training. After all, the organization sponsored them and would not be shocked to see their staff testing the skills at their jobs. Test them and learn, you have nothing to lose. Although you should not test them carelessly because they are risk-free to you.

In all these, make sure you stay grounded and motivated, challenge yourself to still always do your best at that current job even though you hate it. It is a virtue that might come in handy when you eventually switch jobs.