Women in STEM Scholarship Program for Study in USA or Canada 2020


Women in STEM Scholarship Program application process at Women in STEM in the United Kingdom. Learn the best way to apply for the Women in STEM Scholarship Program for the academic year 2020/2021, via Women in STEM Scholarship Portal.

If you are reading this, it means you have heard about the Women in STEM Scholarship Program 2020.

In this article, we are going to systematically outline the right way to apply for the Women in STEM Scholarship Program for interested and qualified applicants.

Scholarship Description

One $5,000 scholarship to a woman who is currently enrolled or accepted to study full-time in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degree program at an MPOWER Partner University in the United States or Canada. In fulfilling MPOWER’s commitment to empower high-potential global citizens to attain their educational aspirations—and become tomorrow’s leading innovators and scientists —this scholarship award program will focus on women who will utilize their STEM degree to the advantage of the society and the planet and who have the prospect to serve as role models and advocates for women in STEM.

As the leading American provider of education loans to international students and a certified B Corporation, MPOWER has long been dedicated on increasing access to higher education for women from emerging markets. MPOWER’s discussions with borrowers indicate that women in emerging markets are not as likely as their male counterparts to receive monetary support for higher education from their families.

For MPOWER’s co-founder and CEO, Manu Smadja, these data represent a social challenge to address. “It’s essential for us as a society to have a significant representation of women shaping the science and technology of the future. The world may become a lot different if we do a better job at supporting female talent to improve the technologies transforming transportation, education, healthcare, or cities for instance. By assisting talented female students in studying and working in North America, we’re assisting in closing the gender gap in the STEM workforce,” said Smadja. “But we would love to do so much more, and commencing this new scholarship award program is a new way to level the playing field.”

Many applicants have been asking us questions like;

Available Subjects

STEM subjects.

Eligible Nationalities and Benefits

This scholarship is open to students from all over the world.

  •  Grand Prize: $3,000
  • Honorable Mentions (2): $1,000


The students

  • Be accepted at, or enrolled in, a full-time degree program at a U.S. or Canadian school that MPOWER supports, and
  • Be an international student legally permitted to study in the U.S. or Canada, as applicable:
    • For study in the U.S., this means that the applicant meets one of these criteria:
      • Has a valid visa that allows study in the U.S. or
      • Is protected by the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), or
      • Is a U.S. permanent resident.
    • For study in Canada, this means the applicant meets one of these criteria:
      • Is a Canadian permanent resident, or
      • Has a valid Canadian study permit

We have established this scholarship award particularly for international and DACA students. Therefore, U.S. citizens that wish to study in the U.S. and Canadian citizens wishing to study in Canada are not eligible for this scholarship.

MPOWER will select winners based on:

  • The quality of the candidate’s written essays; the essays should show clarity of thought, compelling goals as well as vision, and excellent writing skills in English;
  • The candidate’s record of academic and (if applicable) professional excellence;
  • The candidate’s potential to make important contributions in a STEM field that will be advantageous to people and/or the planet; and
  • The candidate’s track record and/or potential as a role model and advocate for girls and women in STEM.

How to Apply

All that’s required is a short application and two brief essays!

  • It will be good to go through all application requirements or Read Scholarship FAQs on the Program Webpage (see link below) before applying

Visit Award Webpage for Details


The deadline for the scholarship award application is 31st December 2020. Applicants should ensure they submit their applications on or before the specified date.