Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program at Stanford University in USA 2020


Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program application process at Stanford University in the United States of America. Learn the best way to apply for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program for the academic year 2020/2021, via Stanford University Scholarship Portal.

If you are reading this, it means you have heard about the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program 2020.

In this article, we are going to systematically outline the right way to apply for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program for interested and qualified applicants.

Scholarship Description

The Knight-Hennessy Scholarship program will yearly recognize a group of 100 high-achieving students in countries from all around the world with exhibited civic and leadership dedication to get full funding to have a wide-ranging graduate education at Stanford, with the aim of developing a modern generation of global leaders. The Knight-Hennessy Scholarship program is the biggest fully endowed scholarship program in the world.

Many applicants have been asking us questions like;

Available Subjects

All courses offered at the university.

Eligible Nationalities and Benefits

This scholarship is open to students from all over the world.

Number of Awards: up to 100

Value of Program: The Stanford education of Knight-Hennessy Scholarship recipients is totally funded.

  • Total funding comprises tuition, graduate program, stipend and related academic expenses, with additional financial aid available.
  • Pursue any graduate degree program at Stanford, from PhDs in humanities, arts, engineering, education, or social sciences to professional degrees in law, medicine, or business.
  • Grow skills in communication and leadership which will empower you to work across fields and to scale innovative solutions for difficult challenges.

Duration of Program: The Knight-Hennessy Scholarship program finances up to the first three (3) years of your graduate degree education, and if your degree program exceeds three (3) years – such as an PhD or MD program, or a Stanford dual- or joint-degree program – then your Stanford home department will finance the rest of your degree program/education to the extent consistent with its standard financing dedication for that program. (That is, e.g., five (5) years for PhDs in humanities, six (6) years for PhDs in engineering,).


  • The organizers enjoin applications to Knight-Hennessy Scholarship program from citizens of all nation all around the world. That’s natural since we expect Knight-Hennessy recipients to have global effect.
  • Did you complete and get a degree at an institution or university outside the U.S.? To be eligible for graduate study program, you must have the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree from a university or college of renowned standing.
  • You are eligible to apply to the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship program if you are applying to register in any full-time graduate degree program at Stanford (including but not limited to, Eng, MA, MD, MBA, MFA, JD, MS, DFA, or PhD) or if you aim to pursue one of Stanford’s many joint- and dual- graduate degree program options (including but not limited to, MBA+MS, JD+MA, MD+PhD,).
  • Also, if you got your bachelor’s degree in 2014 or later, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship scheme (2012 or later for US Military).

Selection Criteria:

Independence of Thought

  • First-step mental sharpness
  • Seeks out new experiences and knowledge
  • Full of original and tenable ideas
  • Makes sense of ambiguous situations
  • Can hold a contrarian or dissenting point of view

2. Purposeful Leadership

  • Ambitious, in the best sense of the word
  • Driven to improve self
  • Willing to take risks
  • Self-aware
  • Persists and bounces back from adversity

3. Civic Mindset

  • Personally humble and kind
  • Inclusive
  • Respects differences
  • Concerned for and helpful to others
  • Low ego

How to Apply

Where we find evidence of these requirements throughout your application materials and, if you are chosen as a finalist, at Immersion Weekend. You may apply now. We anticipate getting to know you, your influences, what you have done, hopes, ideals, and dreams.

Visit Program Webpage for details

Important Notes: Please, kindly note that we highly recommend that when applying, you use a current version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


The deadline for the scholarship award application is 14th October 2020 at 1:00pm Pacific Time. Applicants should ensure they submit their applications on or before the specified date/time.