Nestlé MBA Women Scholarships at Switzerland Universities in Switzerland 2020


Nestlé MBA Women Scholarships application process at Switzerland Universities in Switzerland. Learn the best way to apply for the Nestlé MBA Women Scholarships for the academic year 2020/2021, via Switzerland Universities Scholarship Portal.

If you are reading this, it means you have heard about the Nestlé MBA Women Scholarships 2020.

In this article, we are going to systematically outline the right way to apply for the Nestlé MBA Women Scholarships for interested and qualified applicants.

Scholarship Description

Nestlé Scholarship scheme supports women through IMD MBA program. The Nestlé Scholarship program for Women was initially awarded in 1997 and was started by a group of IMD- Switzerland- MBA (Masters in Business Administration) partakers who desired to inspire women to take the MBA courses/degree programs. Preference is given to women from developing nations including but not limited to African female scholars.
CHF 25,000 in scholarship award will be granted to the female scholarship winner(s).

We aim to encourage high achievers from around the globe who don’t necessarily have the financial means to apply, but do have the potential, drive and passion that we are looking for. If you possess the ability and desire to join the best group of 90, we want to assist you.  

IMD is dedicated to nurturing the growth and development in diversity via our excellence and need-based MBA scholarships, which are granted to applicants who have applied for and accepted an admission offer to join the IMD MBA program. These include one full scholarship award and four 80% scholarship awards. In our current class, 63% of our women participants were granted a scholarship award.

For all scholarship award applications (exceptthe merit and CO-RO scholarship schemes) it is required to submit the MBA Financial Aid form along with the following supporting documents: annual proof of salary, latest bank account statements for all your bank accounts, and tax return form.

Many applicants have been asking us questions like;

Available Subjects

Master’s in Business Administration.

Eligible Nationalities and Benefits

This scholarship is open to students from all over the world (with preference given to women from developing countries).

Value of Scholarship: CHF 25,000

Duration of Scholarship: for the full duration of the program.


Women applicants who have already applied to the full-time IMD MBA program and who have financial needs

  • Employees of Nestlé and/or its subsidiaries are ineligible.
  • Show financial need by filling and forwarding the Financial Aid Application
  • Offer and Acceptance into the IMD MBA Program
  • Submitting a well-written essay discussing the issue:

‘Many have argued that greater diversity in the Top Management team of an organization is good for profits and customers. What would you recommend as ways to achieve greater diversity?’

(Maximum of 750 words)

How to Apply

Write and submit a 750-word essay on “Many have argued that greater diversity in the top management team of an organization is good for profits and customers. What would you recommend as ways to achieve greater diversity?”

Candidates must have been offered an admission and accepted into the IMD MBA program prior to their application.

The scholarship applications are essay-based, with winning essays classically including the following attributes:

  • Relevance to the essay title
  • Organization and structure
  • Fully developed arguments
  • Persuasiveness
  • Personal element and/or passion

When writing your scholarship application essay, be sure to use the IMD MBA Scholarship Template. Also, respect the word limit (maximum of 750 words) and express your individual point of view in your own words, braced by proper citation where necessary.

Scholarship awards are granted subject to nomination(s) by the scholarship selection committee, acceptance into the course/degree program and confirmation of applicant’s intention to share in the program, to be known by paying the advance deposit.

IMD reserves the right to not grant a scholarship award if the criteria are not fulfilled to the satisfaction of the jury/sponsors.

Be sure to submit your full scholarship application(s), including your scholarship essay, in time for the appropriate deadline. If applying for multiple scholarship awards, we only need one copy of the Financial Aid form. And if you have any questions, contact us via

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details


The deadline for the scholarship award application is 1st September 2020. Applicants should ensure they submit their applications on or before the specified date.